Project Smok & Wee Smoky

You can now listen to Wee Smoky on Spotify!

 £1 from every Project Smok Edition bottle sold will go back to the band to help them create more amazing music.

We're Different

Even if you don't drink whisky yet, we reckon you just might love Wee Smoky.

Finished in peated casks, our whiskies are smooth, fruity and a wee bit smoky.

Whisky for Creators

Wee Smoky is a celebration of Scottish Flair.

We want to show the most remarkable talent in our country to the world.

With our whisky, you're the creator. There are no rules - add your own flair!

Cocktail Time!

Our Scotalian cocktail maestro Fabio Di Silvestro will teach you how to make unbelievably delicious cocktails.

"There's a lovely hint of bonfires in there"

Jo Jo, My 91 Year Old Granny

"Oooo. That's smoother than a baby's bottom!"

Nat, Dad's Best Man

"I need that bottle in my life, right now"

Tzari, Fashion Designer

Flair Spotting

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