Wee Smoky Project Smok Edition - Blended Grain Scotch Whisky 70cl

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Get your hands of 1 of just 550 Project Smok Collab bottles!

This special edition bottling is a celebration of the release of the track 'Wee Smoky' by the legendary neo-trad trio, Project Smok. £1 from every bottle sold will go back to the band to help them create more amazing music.

Band lead Ali Levack has even played his whistle to the two very casks that this lovely whisky was finished in - so you have a rare opportunity to purchase sonic aged whisky! Yes, that's actually a thing. Check out the video of this happening.

Made from a variety of grain whiskies from across Scotland, blended together and finished in two different peated casks. A smoky marriage, if you like.

Tasting notes: Light creamy toffee with a smoky bounce.

40% alc./ vol.