Our Team

Our Founder Rory has a passion for promoting Scotland's culture abroad - more on that in Our Back Story After setting up a Digital Marketing Studio for Edrington, he decided to go and bring his own dream brand to life. He can't wait to bring Wee Smoky to the world.

We are very lucky to have the input of our Product Design Engineer Paulina. Having designed parts of Apple's MacBook Pro (seriously), she's slightly overqualified for designing our whisky labels and bottles, but luckily she seems to enjoy it!

Our liquid expert Ollie is a highly experienced distiller who knows more about whisky than any human should reasonably need to. He seems to think we're onto something, so that's exciting. He was saying 'arrr' during this photo.

Good spirits tend to run in the family, and Rory's cousin Matt is the Founder of Pickering's Gin. Matt has helped us hugely in so many ways, with design, engineering, logistics - basically everything. Matt, we are eternally grateful.

There are so many other generous people who have helped to bring Wee Smoky to life - the list is enormous. We are unbelievably grateful to all of you. We will pay it back by helping others on similar journeys.