Our Story


At Wee Smoky, we're 100% passionate about sharing the best of Scotland with the world.


Our founder Rory spent 8 years living in Hong Kong and California. Missing home a little, he organised numerous ceilidhs (Scottish dance parties) for his friends. He hosted one on a beach, so people could swim between dances as the live band played under the moonlight. Naturally, whisky became a part of these wonderful evenings.



Moving to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, Rory teamed up with a fellow Scotsman to host the Scotify Ball, featuring Scottish dance teaching, a spirited haggis address, and of course, a whisky tasting. 



With three pals, the next Scotify endeavour was to turn an old Mazda MX-5 into a McMazda racing car to enter into endurance racing series 24 Hours of Lemons. With billowing red hair and a saltire on the bonnet, 'Nessie' was the envy of the racing paddock. She is still being raced in California today in her finery. No whisky was consumed before racing Nessie, but it is believed that she runs well on cask strength Islay whisky.



Rory always planned to return to Scotland. After 8 years away, armed with an idea to start a modern whisky business for a new generation, he moved home and joined Edrington to learn the trade from the best in the business. Spotting a niche in grain whisky paired with the uptick in cocktail culture, he took a leap, leaving the company to begin his own experiments with the help of several whisky experts, friends and his girlfriend Paulina.



After many experiments with differing grain whiskies and casks, under the lockdown of 2020, we came up with the Wee Smoky you're drinking today. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.